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Friday, October 22nd, 2010

from HUSTLER Magazine August 2010

When the government turns against the people, it is time for the people to turn against their government. So you must ask yourself: Is the government of the United States of America representing you? Or is it representing the corporations that fund the politicians’ election campaigns?

To date, the government has taken your money to bail out the banks, sent your jobs overseas to support Big Business and made your ability to vote a meaningless exercise. (See Brad Friedman’s article The End of Democracy, beginning on page 72 of this issue.)

The American Revolution was sparked by a tax on tea. What will it take for us to (peacefully) storm the barricades?
Larry Flynt


Sunday, August 29th, 2010

from HUSTLER Magazine – July 2010

You have a reason to be angry. You are being screwed. The bankers get bailed out, but the working class is left to fend for itself at a time when jobs are hard to find. But your anger is misdirected.

You are being lied to. It’s the corporations that have brought this about. They have corrupted both the Republicans and the Democrats. Aside from shipping your jobs overseas, corporations want their taxes reduced as a way of further increasing profits. Reduced tax revenue means less money for schools, hospitals, police, roads and everything else we need to keep our country running. The focus of your anger should be not just the government but also the banks and corporations that are looting taxpayer dollars. Your taxes—the taxes of working Americans—have already been cut by the Obama Administration.

It may indeed be time for a revolution. Just make sure you go after the right people.

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