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Just Blow the Right Whistle

Monday, December 2nd, 2013

by Robert Scheer

Americans love to be lied to; otherwise Edward Snowden would be a wildly popular national hero. Same for Bradley Manning, Glenn Greenwald, Julian Assange and others who risk their freedom to inform us about the myriad ways we are continually deceived by our government. These whistleblowers are performing a public service. They’re democracy’s lifeblood, nourishing the essential ingredient that our proclaimed form of governance re – quires: an informed public. If we are ignorant, our votes mean nothing.

In exposing lies and government misdeeds, the whistleblowers revealed that our leaders are not always virtuous. Snowden has been accused of espionage because he exposed the vast spying network that our own government conducts against us. How can it be that a truth teller who seeks to protect our rights is judged the criminal, not the government officials who brazenly subvert the Constitution?

Our government lies to us frequently and conceals that fact by classifying as “top secret” any and all embarrassing information. However, those so-called secrets are routinely leaked to the news media whenever it serves the purpose of the White House, an agency or one of its officials. Anonymous sourcing of stories attrib – uting information to those not cleared to reveal what they are telling is the norm. During my years working as a reporter for the Los Angeles Times, anonymous sources babbled about the most sensitive subjects of national security or anything else they wanted publicized.

An example I cite often was a personal experience in 1985. After exiting a plane in San Jose, California, I ran into Edward Teller, the famed physicist and “father of the H-bomb,” whom I had interviewed several times. Teller was then adviser to President Reagan on his pet Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI), dubbed “Star Wars,” and I was on my way to Stanford Univer – sity to participate in an arms-control seminar.

Teller was very eager to tell me about the great results of a top-secret test—code-named Cottage—involving the nuclear-driven X-ray laser that was at the heart of SDI. If Teller’s claim were true, this would be the most important development in the U.S.-Soviet arms race and a boon to Reagan’s preposterous idea of implementing a defense system that would zap any incoming nuclear warhead as it traveled through space.

I am sure that Teller intended for me to share this information with others at the Stanford seminar, some of whom, like myself, did not have security clearance. And he probably expected that as a journalist covering armscontrol issues, I would break this major story in the Los Angeles Times, and from there it would be reported nationwide and around the world.

If Teller had been correct—a nuclearweapons lab had indeed masterminded an X-ray laser—it was our country’s most vital military secret and therefore the one piece of information that the Soviets would most want to secure. It turned out that Teller’s report of Cot tage’s success was erroneous, the machines monitoring the multimillion-dollar test had proved faulty, and the hunt for the X-ray laser was going nowhere.

My point is that it was information Teller and others bandied about to back up the argu – ment for a weapons system that the militaryindustrial complex wanted. Because the leak supported rather than undermined the Reagan Adminis tration’s hawkish position, Teller wasn’t punished for his indiscretion. Whistleblowers like Snowden are only branded as criminals when the information they disclose sabotages rather than supports the Pentagon’s warmongers.

Edward Snowden could have sat in a Honolulu bar with any reporter who cared to hear him chat endlessly about how he just loved his job nailing the bad guys. He could have revealed information about the success of our antiterrorism surveillance program and never been the subject of an investigation. He is instead a hunted enemy because he told us that the United States government was screwing rather than protecting us. In other words, just leak the good news, and you’ll be an honored public servant.


Tuesday, August 5th, 2008

Coming out just days after the alleged “suicide” of Bruce E. Ivins, the FBI and Justice Department’s lead suspect in the 2001 anthrax attacks, former attorney and author Glenn Greenwald reminds readers of several ABC News reports just following the attacks which directly linked the anthrax with Iraq and Saddam Hussein. ABC created a completely false story from the very beginning, saying that the anthrax had included trace amounts of bentonite, a chemical “only” used in Iraqi weapons of mass destruction; they claimed on many different occasions that Iraqi terrorists and Hussein were responsible for all of the 2001 terrorist attacks, which justified going to war——just as President Bush had hoped. And just as Bush wanted, the people listened to these ludicrous accounts from ABC.

So, 7 years later, it comes out that not only were there no weapons of mass destruction, but that the anthrax attack was conducted by a government employee working in a high-security federally-funded research facility. Iraq had nothing to do with the anthrax, and the reports of the alleged bentonite were unveiled as completely false. Now we ask of ABC News: Hand over the assholes who made this shit up. ‘Fess up. The people of this nation deserve to know the truth, and we sure as hell deserve to know who lied so whole-heartedly so as to instigate public approval of going to war. We’re not talking about a bad meeting or mixed-up communication; we’re talking about a WAR. Hey ABC, stop sitting on this story, and give the American people the justice and retribution (against YOU) that we all deserve.

For the full Glenn Greenwald story at, click HERE.


Friday, August 1st, 2008 and Robert Greenwlad have compiled media clips of Republican Presidential candidate John McCain directly refuting himself and lying to the media on several different occasions. This newest mini-flick includes clips from his “safe” trip down the streets of Iraq, being corrected by his people on live television, admitting he doesn’t know shit about economic policy, and celebrating his birthday with President Bush the day after Hurricaine Katrina hit. While this is just one more example of similar compilation videos of hypocritical McCain, this particular video, entitled “McCain Lost In Space,” has had immense popularity and has become nearly viral over Internet blogs.

Additional information on this video can be found at or
The following is the video entitled “McCain Lost in Space”:

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