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FROM U.S. NEWS- Larry Flynt:Washington Doesn’t Get Sex

Wednesday, August 27th, 2014


Hustler Magazine owner Larry Flynt praised President Barack Obama’s handling of LGBT rights and condemned Congress’ handling of women’s reproductive rights.

Hustler owner says Congress is close-minded but affairs, sex won’t doom political careers.

Congress has a case of “electile” dysfunction – failing to accomplish jobs they were elected to do, Hustler Magazine owner Larry Flynt tells U.S. News. Not only did Congress cause a government shutdown last year, but many politicians still try to restrict sex and gender rights issues like access to contraception on health care plans, Flynt says.

“They can’t clean our streets but they want to keep our minds pure,” Flynt says. “I think it’s just horrible the way Congress has handled women’s reproductive rights. It’s a bunch of grumpy old men. It should be a woman’s decision.”

Despite the failures of the government, Flynt praised President Barack Obama for his support of LGBT rights. Unfortunately, he adds, Obama’s failures managing civil liberties, foreign policy and the economy overshadow any successes of his administration.

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