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Obama’s State of the Union Address

Larry Flynt -  State Of Union

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I am Barack Obama. I am the President. I am relevant. I know who elected me. It wasn’t the rich 1%. It was hardworking Americans, union members and minority groups who haven’t gotten the fair shake they deserve. I will keep the promises I made. My word is good.

To the wealth class of this country, let me say this: You supported my Republican rival Mitt Romney four-to-one against me. Now it’s payback time. I will end the Bush tax cuts for top earners and push through comprehensive regulation of our corrupt banking and financial systems. The era of unfettered greed is over.

I will halt unjust home foreclosures, protect Social Security and Medicare and relieve the crushing burden of student debt on our young professionals. I will enact labor-union reforms that will restore bargaining power and fair representation to our working class.

I will push for nonpartisan election reform to end voter suppression and make states abide by fair-voting rules. People will no longer have to wait in line for hours or endure lies and humiliation just to exercise their fundamental democratic right. I will embark on immigration reform and build a clear and just pathway to citizenship for anyone coming here to participate in the American Dream.

The frequency of powerful and destructive storms leaves no doubt that climate change is real and that humans are the cause. The United States must take the lead in moving humanity toward a clean-fuel future. I will say no to destructive fossil-fuel pipelines and drilling, spur investment in green technology and work with the world’s leaders to seal meaningful environmental agreements.

I will create incentives for investment in new industries, such as biotech and next-generation communications technology, that further the cause of scientific progress and keep America competitive.

If you think I can’t do all this with a Republican majority in the House of Representatives, watch me. I’ll be reaching across the aisle—but only to welcome you to my side, not to compromise. I will veto any piece of legislation that comes across my desk that does not have the best interests of the American people at heart.

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