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Loose Change Goes Large

In the two years since it first hit the Internet, the breakthrough 9/11 video Loose Change has been an eye-opener for millions of people. With young guerrilla filmmakers Dylan Avery and Jason Berman gearing up Loose Change: Final Cut for a wide release, Mark Johnson talked with the film’s Executive Producer, Korey Rowe.

HUSTLER: What’s new in the Final Cut?

KOREY ROWE: A lot of new evidence has come out, so expect big changes in the new edition. We managed to get hold of the taped testimony of [former Transportation Secretary] Norman Mineta. Mineta was in a bunker with Cheney just before the Pentagon was struck. An aide tells Cheney the plane is approaching and asks, “Do the orders still stand?” Cheney whips his head around and says, “Of course the orders still stand!” Our Vice President knew there was a plane coming in and did nothing.

We’re also including the new footage of molten metal flowing out of the towers [material that Steven Jones has identified as evidence of steel-cutter charges]. That footage right there nails it down.

Is there a chance you could be wrong?

This is not a house of cards, you can take away some of the weaker evidence, but not the physical evidence, the scientific fact. And you can’t take away the common sense of it. The idea that 19 Arab hijackers could take over four planes in U.S. airspace for two hours with no interference from the military is preposterous.

Listen, I fought for this country. I was in Afghanistan and Iraq, active duty for four years. I thought what I fought for was true. When I found out it wasn’t, I had to do something.

How are you taking this to the next level?

That first film cost $2,000; the new budget’s over $20 million. And we’re teaming up with scholars and engineers to make the case irrefutable. We’re also talking to Hollywood about a wide release, but we want to make sure whoever we deal with is going to work for it and get the truth out.

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