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FROM LOCKERDOME: Porn king Larry Flynt still fighting for free speech, on Hustler’s 40th birthday

Saturday, August 30th, 2014


Porn veteran Larry Flynt is celebrating the 40th birthday of his X-rated magazine Hustler — and from his gold-plated wheelchair he is as combative as ever in fighting for free speech.

Dressed in a beige suit with gold and diamond rings, Flynt surveys photos ranged on his enormous, Napoleon-style desk including his wife and himself with Bill Clinton, as well as caricatures and a collection of his magazines.

The front cover of the anniversary edition has a blonde on all fours dressed only in garters and a string of pearls. Inside there is no such modesty, with hardcore porn in full-color close-up.

“They did a poll recently — 80 percent of the women who enjoy adult film care about the dialogue and the quality of production. Men they don’t care, they take it raw,” he smiled.

The 71-year-old has been in his gold-plated wheelchair since an attack which left him paralyzed below the waist in 1978.

While celebrating his magazine’s four decades in print, he admits it is struggling, with circulation down from a peak of around three million during its heyday to “a couple of hundred thousand today”, according to a Hustler spokesman.

“Publishing is not good .. for anybody in America because Internet is replacing print. We’ll continue the magazine as long as it is profitable. Then we’ll go online,” Flynt said.

Hustler’s website doesn’t make much money either, competing with a tsunami of hardcore porn online which is often free, and made by amateurs.

– ‘Having our best year’ –

His business’ future lies above all in TV porn channels and on-demand videos, but also in Hustler-themed sex accessory and clothing stores and casinos, which he is opening everywhere.

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FROM U.S. NEWS- Larry Flynt:Washington Doesn’t Get Sex

Wednesday, August 27th, 2014


Hustler Magazine owner Larry Flynt praised President Barack Obama’s handling of LGBT rights and condemned Congress’ handling of women’s reproductive rights.

Hustler owner says Congress is close-minded but affairs, sex won’t doom political careers.

Congress has a case of “electile” dysfunction – failing to accomplish jobs they were elected to do, Hustler Magazine owner Larry Flynt tells U.S. News. Not only did Congress cause a government shutdown last year, but many politicians still try to restrict sex and gender rights issues like access to contraception on health care plans, Flynt says.

“They can’t clean our streets but they want to keep our minds pure,” Flynt says. “I think it’s just horrible the way Congress has handled women’s reproductive rights. It’s a bunch of grumpy old men. It should be a woman’s decision.”

Despite the failures of the government, Flynt praised President Barack Obama for his support of LGBT rights. Unfortunately, he adds, Obama’s failures managing civil liberties, foreign policy and the economy overshadow any successes of his administration.

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FROM HUFFINGTON POST: Hustler Magazine Turns 40, Parties In L.A.: A Peak Behind the Scenes as Larry Flynt Celebrates in Style

Wednesday, August 13th, 2014

The black-and-gold JPEG invitation arrived in my inbox back in June, miraculously dodging the spam filter. “You and a guest are invited to join us as we celebrate our 40th anniversary.”

It was from Hustler magazine.

Not the kind of invite most academics receive, coming from a publication that dubs itself “Hardcore Since ’74” and “For the Rest of the World.” There will be no panel discussions or no plenary sessions at this affair.

But there was, as it turned out, a bevy of stars from another, slightly more carnal world — talent with names like Karla Kush, Cassidy Klein, Marley Blaze, Jazy Berlin and Summer Carter.

Already slated to conduct an interview about First Amendment and U.S. Supreme Court issues with the man who’s the driving force behind this entire event, I rsvped yes.

Roaring 20s outfits were encouraged for the July 26 bash — fitting for a fete at the neo-Gothic Park Plaza Hotel just off Wilshire Boulevard near MacArthur Park in Los Angeles’s Westlake area. Initially an Elks Lodge and now trumpeting itself as “legendary,” the hotel boasts of being designed in the 1920s by a “renowned art deco architect” named Claud Beelman.

It’s doubtful, however, that either the Elks or Beelman could have imagined that, some nine decades later, the hotel would be the scene of celebration for Larry Claxton Flynt, a figure truly legendary for simultaneously pushing the buttons and boundaries of sexual expression in the United States while fighting key First Amendment battles against the likes of Jerry Falwell, the late Moral Majority leader.

The 1988 case of Hustler Magazine v. Falwell, in which Flynt scored a unanimous victory before the U.S. Supreme Court protecting an ad parody that suggested Falwell lost his virginity with his mother in a fly-infested outhouse, is what makes programs ranging from The Daily Show to South Park possible. He’s also fought important, but far lesser known, federal court fights for press access to U.S. military operations in both Afghanistan and Grenada.

Flynt, as it turns out, didn’t end up exercising his First Amendment rights and giving any speeches during the soiree. But he does offer up a few choice words in the publisher’s opening statement of the just-streeted 40th anniversary collector’s edition of Hustler:

I am proud that I’ve been able to bring you Hustler Magazine every month for 40 years. It hasn’t been easy and it never will be. To all the people who tried and failed to stop me, I got a middle finger for you. To everyone else, let’s keep this party going!

For the more image-inclined Hustler devotees who skipped past that textual content of the 40th anniversary edition, there’s a photo spread featuring Belle Knox, the Duke University undergraduate who made headlines in early 2014 because she’s paying her way through that elite institution by working in porn. Just as Knox challenges stereotypes about women who earn their livings on the backs and knees, so too does Flynt test our beliefs about what is and is not sexually normal.

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FROM FORBES: Larry Flynt’s New Hustles

Tuesday, August 12th, 2014

Over the years, Larry Flynt has peddled pornography, fought for freedom of speech, been shot at, and run for office. The pioneer of pornography in America has two new hustles planned for this year: a digital revamp of his iconic magazine – Hustler – and a major expansion of his retail stores.

In a conversation with me this morning, Flynt said Hustler’s website will port the offline experience of its magazines into an online one by the end of this year. This includes forty years of archives, movies, and notable content from the magazine’s offline avatar. “We will include a lot of material to entice viewers to become members of our site,” he told me.

That may be a tough sell, given the ubiquity and popularity of free porn on the Internet. Alec Helmy, publisher of Xbiz, an industry trade site, says print adult magazines are not commercially viable anymore because the bulk of consumption for such material occurs online and is visual and interactive in format (Print magazines are predominantly text-based). “Consumer psychology has changed due to free porn,” he says. As a result, customers are wary of paying for adult content when they can get it for free on sites subsidized by advertising dollars.

According to Helmy, Hustler’s reinvention of its digital presence is an attempt to maintain the brand’s perception and association. “It (the site) may end up being a loss leader,” he says.

Flynt says the Hustler brand is “as strong as ever.”

A Well-Diversified Hustle

Hustler’s print product, which celebrated its fortieth anniversary this year, has been on its last legs for some time. At its peak in 1976, the magazine sold two million copies per month. With the onset of cable television and DVD rentals, the magazine ran press runs of a million copies in 1997. According to a New York Times story that year, on average more than half of those copies were returned unsold. To revive the magazine’s fortunes, Flynt promised to publish the “most outrageous magazine out there.” But, he could not stem the online onslaught.

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